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More often than ever we are finding a lot of homes and even entire neighborhoods that should have had heat pumps installed, but instead have regular air conditioners using electric heat strips as their primary heating source.  This is important if your home is “all electric” which means you don’t have the natural gas service that would be required to operate a gas furnace.  If you do live in an “all electric” home and you don’t have a heat pump, then you are all too familiar with a huge winter electric bill during the heating season.  And if it’s an especially cold month, your electric heating bill in the winter will probably double that (or more) of your typical electric cooling bill in the summer.

The reason for these high bills is simple.  Electric heat provided from a non heat pump system will draw anywhere from 40 to 80 amps of current depending on the size of the system.  On the other hand, a heat pump will draw much less, somewhere between 8 and 24 amps depending on the system size.  And because the amount of amps your home is pulling is converted into kilowatt hours on your electric bill, the more amps your home pulls means the more money spent on electricity to heat your home.   It is not uncommon for a home that switches to a heat pump after only heating with electric heat, to find that their high season electric heating bill has been cut in half. 

This article is mainly intended for "all electric homes" in the DFW Metroplex and surrounding areas. These are homes where there are no natural gas lines to service the home or subdivision.

A heat pump looks exactly like a regular air conditioner.   The difference is that it runs in the winter time as well as the summer.  Often times a heat pump can be added by simply switching the outdoor unit to a heat pump and by adding a heat pump thermostat.  If your home is “all electric” and you don’t have a heat pump, you need one big time! 

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