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410A is the refrigerant that has currently replaced R-22 for most HVAC systems. It is believed that 410A is not as damaging to the environment with less of an ozone depletion potential than R-22. This being said, 410A cannot simply be added to your old system in replacement of your old R-22. The two refrigerants are not compatible and cannot be mixed. Great care must be taken to evacuate an old system of R-22 gasses and oils before a new system that operates on 410A can be installed. This evacuation process should be standard practice for all air conditioning contractors, unfortunately it is not. Systems installed by The Cold Truth undergo a very intense evacuation and cleansing process to ensure long system life. 


FREON (R-22) & 410A

You may have heard by now that the cost of Freon also known as R-22 has sky rocketed and will continue to get more expensive as years and even weeks go by. So here's the deal,  R-22 is being phased out by the Federal Government and the EPA due to its high ozone depletion ratio and global warming potential. To help speed up the process of eliminating R-22 from the environment all together, production has been drastically reduced under strict orders from the federal government. This has limited the supply available to homeowners and contractors alike. Currently, by the year 2020 the production of R-22 will cease completely and other forms of refrigerant will be used in its place. Until then, R-22 prices will continue to increase as the demand for Freon rises and the supply greatly diminishes.  

‚ÄčIn the meantime, we do have Freon (R-22) and if you are in need of it, we still offer the best prices for this refrigerant.

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