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​​If you have needed refrigerant in the past, it is most likely because the steel end plates in your evaporator coil have rusted out and that rust is eating into the copper tubing of your coil.  When this corrosive situation happens, refrigerant (Freon) which is a gas, seeps through the pores of the rusty evaporator coil and that’s when you find that you system has “iced up” or is simply not cooling. 

At the Cold Truth Air Conditioning & Heating, we are proud to say that we only recommend all aluminum evaporator coils. The reason we do this is to help prevent your new coil from rusting out and leaking refrigerant.

Because an all aluminum evaporator coil is much more resistant to corrosion than the traditional copper and steel coils, it is the best defense for preventing rust and refrigerant leaks. Though not all manufacturers offer an all aluminum coil, we won’t recommend a system without one.